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Redesign Craigslist

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The problem segments are

learnability, efficiency, intuitiveness and memorability.


Abbreviative communication 

The balance of text heavy & picture heavy elements


Unregulated titles of posts & messages

Alphabetical prioritization over all locations


Undefined cursor hovering interactions

Navigation in the internal website 


Absence of component based hierarchy 

Absence of recommended search options

Tester screens 

to understand the users learnability on interactions.

home .png

Wizard of Oz Experiments

through paper prototypes to understand the users micro attention and navigation.

User I

Initially felt confused whether he was required to fill in his location on the homepage, since it is an overpowering feature.


He was unclear whether he could totally skip a section or leave a value unfilled and proceed further.


He was confused on how to return to the homepage and suggested we add a cross button and show how his contact information will be displayed. 

User II

He did not particularly notice the ‘top 3’ choices feature but did not feel interrupted by them. He however suggested that we have the ‘for sale’ category first as it is the most popular one on Craigslist.


The user immediately started playing around with the filter buttons, also verbally saying that these were always the first things he would set before shopping online. He suggested we add more filters such as ‘sort by price’.

User III

He suggested we add the exact location if available on the map. It might be more comfortable for him as a user to know which page he was currently operating within

Reiterating the navigation

IMG_9691 2_edited.jpg

Reiterating the flow of screens and navigation after the paper prototype testing. The updated flow keeps in mind the comments of the users and their observed behaviors.

Web-Screens-presentation-Mockup-1 copy.j

Proposed Layouts

Web 1920 – 5.png
Web 1920 – 7.png
Web 1920 – 8.png
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