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Next Phase Plan: Visit to a Patna Hospital

Primary research at different healthcare centers across sub - urban regions in Bihar and Gujarat. 

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Project Plan

The aim of the study is to conduct field research in the hospitals of small towns in India to try and understand cultural interventions in the infrastructure of their healthcare system. This study will be a part of the thesis research and primarily aims at observation and study of claims produced in the fall semester. It will also act as a bridge to try and convert the proposed research into final concepts for the spring semester.


The research will be primarily conducted at CNS Hospital in Patna, India. The location of this center is amongst a predominantly rural part of the country and is a victim of multiple challenges within the healthcare system in the country. The interviews and research plan would be pre-shared with the hospital to help in a steady research process. The research will further stem out to other doctors, nurses and clinicians based on the primary research of the first few days, in other sub-urban cities around Patna. This research will eventually lead to a research compendium and probable concepts for the spring semester.

Proposed details of the Work:

Part 1:


To complete 3 weeks of field research in medical centers across rural and sub-urban India. The research shall be conducted atCNS Hospitalin Patna and some clinics in the rural parts of the state, Bihar. The goal is to observe and articulate a single process of the patient’s workflow in the hospital through the lens of: 

  1. People

  2. Patient

  3. Staff

  4. Space 

  5. Technology

  6. General Workflow management


The workflow shall be in the ‘Patient Support Services’in non- clinical areas of the facility at the hospital. The intent is to stay in the hospital environment for 4 days and document the workflow in a table. This will be used to formulate interviews with staff at other centers in rural and Government Hospitals. 


Part 2:


To articulate data and find interventions in the chosen workflow, expanding into a general medical environment. Finalization ofconcept directions for the Spring Semester. 

Week division for January - February:

Week 1: Research + Interviews with medical practitioners, managers and superintendents to understand the system of healthcare in Delhi.


Week 2: Workflow + Research at CNS Hospital in Patna. Meeting NGO’s in Bihar.


Week 3: Visiting Government Hospitals and talking to ‘Patient Support Service Staff’ according to the data tabulated in Week 2.


Week 4: Travel to Providence and Combine the research data into a compendium document.


Week 5: Conceptualize the possible design interventions in the system, which can be finalized and produced in the Spring Semester.

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